My husband, who does the shopping in our home, is so impressed with your CareBags that he bought a pkg to give as a gift to his favourite cashier at the grocery store he shops at after she commented that they were the nicest she had seen.

Carol - Vancouver


I was SO excited when our Carebags™ arrived and have been thrilled to be using them in place of plastic for our produce shopping!  Thanks for your wonderful product!

Valerie, Richmond, BC


Yes, we received them and we love them!  We have already had several comments from people when they see us using them.  My wife posted a glowing review on Facebook as well. Thank you!

Peter, Richmond, BC


I bought my first Carebags™ just over a year ago and loved them so much that I bought a couple of sets for stocking stuffers for friends last Christmas. I have since given away (or lost) most of my own original stash. It really is a wonderful unique product. Kudos on running a great Canadian business. 


Christina, Mississuaga


I just wanted to say I was recently given one of your great Carebags™. I have several other kinds of reusable produce bags but I have been really impressed with my Carebags™. It’s so stretchy and easy to fill. I reach for it first every time. I can’t wait to order more. Thanks for such a great product.



Hello – I am so pleased to find a new use for my Carebags™! Since I rarely remember to bring them shopping, I am using them in different ways around the house. Here they are in my bedroom storing cotton swabs and elastics. I regularly give them away with a bottle of wine.  Or at xmas filled with homemade goodies. I hope your business is going well. I really admire your philosophy and principles of staying as local as possible.
I am in the process of developing an office supply product that I am trying to do locally and sustainably. So, you guys are in inspiration.

Dawn, Alberta


Even kids know to shop with Carebags™ reusable bags!

Laura M.


I use the Carebags™ to strain and rinse my soaked seeds and nuts and am going into business making raw food products.

Jeffrey – Ottawa, ON


We’ve discovered that when making homemade ice cream, Carebags™ come in handy to strain any lumps out of the custard before freezing!

Nicole – Vancouver, BC


I recently had the occasion to extract some honey from the comb in my beehive. Using a Carebags™ to wring out the comb works really well. The honey came out nice and clean leaving a ball of wax. After a short wash up the bag was as good as new and ready for another trip to the market.

Don L- Surrey, BC


Every time I bring my fruit- or vegetable-filled Carebags™ up to a checkout, the Checker and the people in line behind me comment on what a phenomenal thing they are, and invariably ask me where I got them. I have been using my Carebags™ for years; they are durable, light, easy to wash, and I keep them handy in my canvas shopping bags. Each time I use a Carebags™ I secretly pat myself on the back for not using a plastic bag and contributing to the world’s needless waste. I love my Carebags™ and cannot recommend them enough! My only problem with them is when I take a filled Carebag to a friend’s house–they fall in love with them and never give me the Carebags™ back!

Dena C. – Portland, OR


Great for my swim gear”

Iain - Vancouver, BC


Used Carebags for  Market - fruit flat strapped it to my bicycle. Love them!

Meg - Vancouver, BC


Perfect for transport to a party, or making applesauce”

Diana - Pemberton


Perfect for transport to a party, or making applesauce”

Diana - Pemberton