Canada's first and best reusables - since 1990. 

Super sustainable these bags are designed and made to last for LIFE

Reuseable Bags (4 pack)
9″x11″ Stretchy mesh with drawstrings
Capacity 12 lbs
Made in Vancouver 

Designed to last
Machine Wash – hang to dry
92% polyester 8% spandex
Tested to 20+ years

Carebags™ Reuseable Bags (4 pack)

  • At carebags® we believe in maintaining the smallest eco footprint possible.

    Our bags are designed to last for LIFE.  Use for shopping without plastic, and so many other uses. Here are a few: 

    -keep travel cables and laundry organized 

    -hang fruits and veggies in the galley of your boat

    -Perfect for gym, pool and picnics

    -Camping, mountaineering, hiking

    -Strain jams and jellies, use in cool storage for garlic, onions, seasonal bulbs and tubers

    -One boat chef reports that she cooks pasta in Carebags then fishes it out of the pot to rinse and serve - it's less dangerous than moving a pot of boiling water on the high seas - this from Gillian T, in the Maldives

    While our textile is imported, all other components of production are sourced from within a 5 kilometre footprint. When we support neighborhood businesses the whole community benefits. Local production fosters sustainable economic growth, builds community, and provides accountability. Our business is based on superior workmanship and “home turf fair trade”. Our top-notch crew of dedicated professionals, in Vancouver, is the engine of carebags. This team drives our success with quality we can count on.

    carebags® are made in a factory of the future. A collective of top producers share our little factory. Each produces the best product in its class. The shared staff means a constant flow of varied projects. It’s so much healthier than over scale mass production.

    Good employees are the gold of our venture, and each producer contributes to fundamentals of atmosphere, bonuses & holiday celebrations. carebags®

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